Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Senior Wish Day?

A: Senior Wish Day is a home grown, local, one-day community service outreach to Santa Cruz County Seniors who own their homes and identify as low-income households. The Event Day is traditionally held from 8am- 4pm on the first Saturday of May.


Q: Who provides this service?

A: Local Volunteers perform this free service under the Sponsorship and organization of Costa Bella Builders. The Event is produced by Team Samurai, with the Partnership of the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County. Several local business Donors provide materials, services, and Volunteer refreshments to assist this essential service to our Senior neighbors in need.


Q: How did this idea originate?

A: Jeff Thranow  conceived this effort and first offered it informally in his Seabright area neighborhood in 1993. He and a group of his committed friends, the men of Team Samurai, then carried it forward for many years with little notice or fanfare. He had the able help of key individuals including: Lon Erickson, John Lee, and Kirkland Smidt, among many others. Team Samurai gradually attracted more handy or Trade employed Volunteers and began the practice of sourcing Senior recipients through an Annual flyer inclusion in the weekly Grey Bear’s grocery bag delivery. Kirkland Smidt managed the Event for many years during this period. As the Event grew, Costa Bella Builders and Jeff Thranow assumed and continues the Sponsorship and organization of this annual outreach.


Q: Who is eligible for Senior Wish Day?

A: This Volunteer Outreach is intended only for local Seniors who are both low-income and own their homes. The group of neighbors that we commonly serve are unable to afford the safety and usability repairs that we focus on. We would love to be able to help with every request we receive, but that is not possible. Every year, a number of jobs go unaddressed due to a shortage of qualified Volunteers. We have limited  Volunteers and resources.

If you are in a position to pay for the repair services you are requesting,   please do not sign up. The completion of your job may prevent another neighbor of limited means from getting help with a dangerous situation, possibly leaving them with a hazardous condition in their home.


Q: Do I need to provide anything for the Volunteer coming to help me.

A: No. In general, we provide everything at no cost to you.  Perhaps a cool drink, or a  smile for the Volunteer would be appreciated.

We will use the information you provided on the Senior enrollment page to predict what materials/ tools might be needed. You may add a BRIEF explanation of few words  in the “How Can We Help” Section of the Service request form to help us better predict what materials we will need to assist you. If major repairs/ materials are required to correct your problem, we will likely request that you contribute to their cost in order to resolve the situation for you.